New to Moncton?

The Outreach Team of St. Andrew's collected data provided by the City of Moncton.

Here is what we noticed about those within 5 min drive of our facility (approximately 20,000 people).

Growing Population

In last six years the population has grown by about 3,000 people. This makes up about half of the growth of the city (1-in-2 people moving to Moncton are moving within 5 min drive to our facility)

Low Unemployment Rate

  • Only 5% are unemployed

  • The type of work is diverse however sales and service is the primary type of work

  • Retail, healthcare and social assistance are the dominate types of industry

Many Non-Anglos

  • 40% Mother Tongue is not English; 31% mother tongue is french; 9% mother tongue in not French or English

  • Of minority groups, there were higher numbers of Chinese, African-American, Arab, Korean and South Asian individuals.

Higher Incomes

  • Average household income is $93,000 ($10,000 more than those w/in 15 min drive)

People are Younger

  • Media age is 38.4 (42 w/in 15 min drive)

High Home Ownership

  • Most people own their own home (73%)

Let us join God in what he is doing in the Greater Moncton Area.